RAF Special Event at the Talyllyn Railway 1st, 2nd, 3rd June

Centenary of Loco No. 6 & RAF100 and Beer Festival 1st, 2nd & 3rd June 2018

What do you do to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the only surviving narrow-gauge steam locomotive once owned by the RAF, in the RAF’s Centenary year?

How about lining it up with one of the RAF’s most iconic aircraft, the Spitfire? Well that is what is going to happen!
During the war the Tywyn area was used as a base for training for anti-aircraft battery personnel, while the beaches were used to practice amphibious landings, including practice for D-Day itself. But the area was also where people came to take a break away from the dangers of the big cities and nightly bombing. Here service personnel could also relax and unwind when on leave. It was also the place where many railway enthusiasts first discovered the then very run down Talyllyn Railway, leading to its eventual preservation.

As well as the Spitfire itself there will be other attractions over the weekend including a Beer Festival with over 15 RAF Themed Ales. On the Friday there will be a significant RAF presence including hopefully a fly-past of current RAF aircraft.

On the Saturday and Sunday there will be events reflecting some of the other aspects of the history of locomotive No.6 and the area during the war. These will include a re-creation of the ‘Calshot Express’ which carried personnel along Calshot Spit connecting the military encampment with the RAF’s primary seaplane base, other special trains include No.2 hauling a train typical for the wartime period, No.6 on an MoD Engineering train and a Slate Train before Bryn Eglwys closed in 1946.

It is also planned to have a floodlighted photo session featuring No.6 and the Spitfire. The Spitfire itself has an RAF Calshot connection being based on designer R.J. Mitchell’s successful Schneider Trophy winning seaplanes in the races held at Calshot before the war. In addition there will be other special trains and attractions throughout the three days.