Gangs I’ve found so far!

After 5 years of working at Boston Lodge and a couple of years with the Buildings Department, I have heard some interesting gang names bandied about.

Electrical Gang – a bit obvious…
Black Hand Gang – must get their hands dirty?
Tuesday Gang – one day a week?
Rest of the World Gang – none specific then?
Dee & Merseyside Gang – Nearly local.
White Rose Gang – Ah….. as a Yorkshire Lass – they have to be my favourite
Greasers Gang – mechanics?
Lineside Gang – green fingers? – Next meet dates July 21st and 22nd.
Clearance Gang – not in sales then
Trackside Gang – linked to Permanent Way?

In truth, I have no idea what they really do but I am sure that there are many of us who would like to know:

  1. who are they?
  2. what work do they carry out?
  3. when do they meet?
  4. do they need more volunteers?
  5. and if yes – what skills are needed?
  6.  how many years they have been in existence?
  7. and finally…   Any anniversaries that need celebrating?

Are you a member of any of these gangs?  Worst of all, have I missed your gang off the list?

Would you like to write me a brief description answering the above and supply me with some action photographs for later editions please? Contact details: