Gweithdy Renovation Working Party. August 2018

Here is an update written by Eileen Clayton on the renovation work being carried out on the Gweithdy. On our recent working party we had two or three people painting the new tongue and grooved boards and also the four new window frames. As you can see from the photograph, an immense amount of painting was carried out.Two other volunteers removed the chipboard from the annex ceilings, then fitted the newly painted boards to the ceiling. By the end of the week all the t&g, apart from a small section, had been fitted.

We also had time to fit the floorboards in the new lobby:

Another group worked on the road side wall, removing the internal cladding and some of the old corrugated sheeting externally. Insulated sheeting was fitted between the wooden framing, then three the new window frames were installed and finally new corrugated sheets were fixed in place.

By the end of the working party much had been achieved, although not as much as we had hoped as wet weather on the Wednesday slowed us down and also meant that we didn’t achieve the hoped-for external painting.

The original washers around the nails which hold the metal sheeting in place were diamond-shaped, modern ones are round. To maintain the heritage look, we decided to use the diamond shaped ones which, after the searching the Internet, we managed to source.

We have a group of people who are good to work with, most have promised to come again but more help would be deeply appreciated so if you would like to join us for some (or all!) of our next working parties that are planned for:
October 26th for up to 10 days & November 26th for up to 8 days you will receive a very warm welcome!

Contact Eileen: &/or Alan: