What a Disastrous Weekend for the Railway!

Many thanks to all the Volunteers and Staff who braved the weather this weekend you did some excellent work in absolutely awful conditions!Storm Callum at work!  If you follow the Ffestiniog site on Facebook, many of you will have seen pictures of the damage.  Trees down at Whistling Curve on the Ffestiniog!  Photographs curtesy of Alex Spring.

The result was the trains were stopped for 3 days whilst the track was made good and safe again – hats off to the PW gang and the White Rose Gang for working so hard to clear the track. Here are some excellent photographs sent in by Dave Thurlow of the widespread flooding and damage to our area.

Aerial view of the trees cleared off the track on the FR

Out on the Welsh Highland Railway….

To end on a happy note, Paul Lewin sent me this photograph of sunshine after the rain with the team and Lilla out on track business on Sunday – track cleared and trains running a normal service