Electrical Working Party Update

We have very recently been told that a definite go-ahead has been given for the major renovation of the carriage shed in 13/14 road on the seaward side of the BL site
Aa timetable of work has been set up. The old fluorescent lights will be removed and the roof is being raised. It’s a tight schedule as the carriage shed will be needed for the storage of carriage rakes at the start of daily service (beginning of April) This gives a gap of only about 10 days for the electrical installation, scheduled for mid-March. If our group is going to be able to do this, all of the lights/cables/connectors need to be pre-assembled as we did for the Waggontracks shed and the Heritage Carriage shed. This work would most likely be started on the January working party but would almost certainly need a second working party in February as has been suggested.

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