Christmas Trivia

Did you know….

The giving and receiving of Christmas Cards started in England during the 1800’s “Remember to Post your Christmas Cards early” was a request first issued by the Post Office in 1880.

Christmas Carols were started during the 12th century by Franciscan Monks in Italy and was made popular by the Victorians.

Christmas Crackers were invented by a London Sweet Maker, Tom Smith in 1846

Early mince pies were made from Mutton or Tongue, originally called “shrid pies” and were made in the shape of the manger, not round as they are today.

The connection with mistletoe at this festive time stems from Celtic Druids and Romans. Druids believed that it had magical power and could ward off evil spirits, Romans saw it as a symbol of peace, which is where our tradition of kissing under the mistletoe originated.

My favourite Christmas story? ‘Twas the night before Christmas… written by Clement C Moore.

And here is a few typical Christmas Jokes to make you smile…. What happens if you eat Christmas Decorations? You get tinselitis of course!

What happens if you cross a turkey with an octopus? Everyone gets a leg of course!

How many chimneys does Father Christmas have to climb down? Stacks of course!

Where do all good turkeys go when they die? To oven of course!