A Tour of Works in Progress – Engineering -Part 1

A little gentle nagging works wonders and Tony Williams not only took me round the workshops but gave me a brief outline of what was going on!

17 photographs later and a list of what is what, I left the workshops with my head spinning! So here are the engines with work in progress. Very busy!

Blanche enjoying the sunshine whilst her boiler is being prepared for an exam,
Lilla, sandblasted and her boiler has been painted and now having the tubes taken out as part of a 10 year exam.
David Lloyd George, also being prepared for its boiler exam
The skeleton of Merddyn Emrys to enable access to refurbish the power units
Welsh Pony Eccentric Straps!
Garratt 130 Lubricator Drive Shafts
Welsh Pony Crossheads
Linda’s truck axle box fabrication being machined
and the 1st one is finished
James Spooner regulator glands