Team X were Happy to Work Inside this Weekend!

The weather outside was appalling – poor Bonnie got blown about just crossing the yard. We were even getting free showers as we passed through doorways thanks to our leaky roof!

This was within 1 hour of setting the bucket in place! A second one was placed under the run of the beam and was filling equally as fast! Jokes of kicking the bucket were repeated frequently.

Eric is one of our newer Volunteers and is proving to be a great asset. Here he is (on the left) learning from Peter one of our longest serving volunteers in Team X and “Here is one they prepared earlier” – a completed section.

Donald, our Pattern Maker Extraordinaire carrying out final touches before it goes off the foundry.

Graham came in to do some work on the blackboard for Spooners

102 stripped out ready for its conversion from 1st class to 3rd class. This is a volunteer project so it is unlikely we will see it in use for at least 12 months

Neil is removing the last of the carpet, whilst Dougie loads it on the barrow

Here is our safety conscious Kevin, all kitted out!

Alan concentrates on metal work

Whist our illustrious leader Norman Bond works on precision!

A great team to work with and we even have a social life on Saturday evenings, usually at the Oakley Arms. Anyone interested in joining this special Team, please contact Norman Bond on