Sign Writers Report

Sign-writing at Megabash – 23/24th March 2019 by Andrew Wilkinson

As part of the recent Megabash Working Party, eight of the railway’s FR Sign-writing Team had a most productive weekend. 

Our work usually concerns replicating existing signs so that new replacements are readily available to swop over when our line-side signs deteriorate usually due to the weather. We  always try to maintain a high standard of our sign-work on the railway to contribute to the smart appearance of our infrastructure and its Victorian ambience.  On this occasion several signs started last  autumn were completed whilst several other new signs including a new Campbell’s Platform and shaded Tanybwlch station sign were completed.  Some signs although successfully sign-written still await  finishing off –  painting their borders and backs –  before they can be put into stock ready to use.  These will be dealt with shortly. 

Emma Baxendale painting in the shading for the heritage signs

Just occasionally we are asked to produce something outside our normal remit.  Recently we were commissioned to produce three new ‘Last Vehicle’ signs for use on our Gravity trains so it was a refreshing change to produce these at Megabash  – something different!

Hilary Norton adding coffee coloured shading to the TYB station sign

Time and effort will continue across the next few months to keep the sign-work juggernaut rolling along before our next major work session at  the October Gigabash.

Moragh Bradshaw transferring a sign layout from a paper template

Andy Wilkinson (F&WHR Sign-writing Team Leader)