Bonnies Articulation Corner

Last week we were not at work however, she managed quite a few articles thanks to our regular contributors. By Thursday, Carol’s back was straight so, off we went to Nantmor and Beddgelert to assess works required and make a start at Nantmor in the freezing cold!

Carol had forgotten her camera that day but did manage to take photographs with her phone of some of the work required as well as non-work stuff!

Beddgelert and we lunched outside!
Keith Holland, a Londoner who travels to North Wales and volunteers on the WHR

We met up with Keith Holland at Nantmor station to give it a bit of TLC. Carol was cleaning and sanding down window frames as Keith was scrubbing down the timberwork. Meanwhile, I was stuck in the hut behind bars – I did have my bread, whoops, bed and water bowl. Occasional treats were passed through the bars – I was safe there, especially when the Garratt and all those carriages came through! This is Keith in his new hat – he needed it as it was really cold on Thursday.

Keith has done a lot of work on the Welsh Highland Railway as part of the group in the re-connecting Caernarfon to Porthmadog gang and he can be found either restoring seats, painting notice boards or, as he was doing yesterday, making good some of our stations.

Rotten sections of the window frames treated and filled.

We returned on Saturday to glorious sunshine ready to tackle all the painting.

Behind bars for a crime I didn’t commit!
Taliesin and Merddyn Emrys paid us a visit
Looks like new!

Carol managed to get a coat of undercoat on all the windows and Keith finished painting all the walls so we felt as though we had really achieved something. Lazy day for me as I just let them know when trains and people were passing by!