Boston Lodge Updates

Found these in the Workshops: Being in at the beginning of the new 2048 carriage, we will be able to following its progress.

Ready to become a frame!

I am sure you will all recognise this as being for Welsh Pony. No excuses lads for not getting on with the rebuild now!

Walking across the yard and there she was. Lyn from Linton and Barnstable. Joining the Snowdonian on Saturday 13th April and running specials on Sunday the 14th!

A good wash down for 102 before it comes into the carriage works

Bradley and Ewan giving a helping hand before the weather broke.

2040 finished in the carriage works and getting ready to move into the engineering workshops for a final check underneath!

Velinheli came in for all her bare metal to be cleared of rust and given a couple of coats of special metal varnish – Bonnie got bored and finally slept on the old rags I’d put down for her.

Glenn had no problem setting on three new volunteers sanding down the drop lights – they did a really good job!

And Finally, an optical illusion…. No, the guys are not in any danger as they are no where near being underneath – so no hard hats required – not that they would have done any good anyway – just saying…….