Getting out and About

Invited to join friends on the Welsh Highland on Sunday, we planned on getting off at Rhyd Ddu and enjoy a lunch at the pancake café!

Travelled 1st Class for a change, so no Bonnie today. As she had had a long beach walk first thing, she was happy to stay at home with a chew. 1st class service provided by the buffet staff as usual.

On the way, we were quite shocked to see the extent of the fire damage and how close it came to the track!

All of a sudden we heard a banging on the side of the carriage, when we arrived at Rhyd Ddu, this is the sight that met us! As you are aware, Glaslyn was not long out of the carriage works after having an extensive refurb – Glenn is not very haopy!

We arrived at the station to find the Black Hand gang doing essential work on the platform, a quick word with the driver and guard and Daffyd added the job to his list!

Not something that can be touched up and most of the carriages suffered as well – even the engine came under attack!

The lunch was great – pancakes with bacon and apple slices, smothered in maple syrup – not good for the waistline but life is too short to miss out on a treat like that!