Bonnies Articulation Corner

Monday was our day in the carriage works so we had a wander round to see what’s what.

No carpets in 2152 so I got to walk through it – impressed with the lights!

102 is in for a complete refurbishment, another ex 1st class – no carpets and not much else left!

We are happy to report that the paint workshop at Minffordd Yard has been restored to the ideal environment for quality painting. We got down to business with our extraction sander / hoover system. This had gone missing for over 12 months. Being asthmatic, this equipment had been specially purchased for Carol to use in the paint workshop. It avoided having to take staff off their job to carry out any hand sanding. Carol was happy that it had been returned, in good working order. It was used today to smooth out the surfaces for priming. These are part of the next set of Goods Shed Doors created by our HLF students Ewan and Bradley.

I’m sleeping on the job here but it is nice to be back!

Whilst Carol was happy to see the return of the big sander, this was not the sight she wanted to see when she opened the box of the returned detail sander!

Having had it for over a year before it went missing some 12 months ago, and had always cleaned and carefully packed it away after use, she was quite vocal about the state it was in on its return! All the padding has been stripped out, the batteries and charger and the variety of sandpapers were missing – shame on the guilty party! “Neither use or ornament in its present condition” she was heard to say – so detailed sanding will have to wait until all the missing parts are returned!

We get to meet all nationalities here in the Carriage Works – today I met one of the French Students.