The New Travellers Guide

Came out this week for the FR and what a brilliant value for money guide it is!

Absolutely full of wonderful information and the theme starts in Porthmadog through to Blaenau giving great information on the Journey. The map in the middle is packed with even more information of not just about the railway but about the surrounding area. Lots of quality pictures and is great value for money at £5! There is even a up to date section on Volunteering – a must read! Here are some photographs of extracts from it – judge for yourself.

Tony Russell, Author of the Guide
Modern Blaenau with lots of activities in the area

The Gweithdy stalwarts on the left, with Dave Thurlow above (who shares his photographs with us) and of course the Drains Gang!

So much more to see packed into 60 pages! Of course, I cannot end without mentioning that the front cover photograph was taken by our very own Michael Baker of the Control Team!