Drains Gang Report

With a gang of 8 on Sunday the following work was undertaken ;

  • Completed the new drain from the goods shed point to the existing Goods Shed chamber.
  • Rebuilt the dry stone wall next to the Goods Shed point lever
  • Rebuilt one chamber in Minffordd yard.
  • Cleared more of the bank behind the Caban, to improve the general appearance
  • Altered two gullies adjoining the Maenofferen Shed to align with the new down pipes.
  • Checked the cross drain above the TyB shunt signal following a report of ponding. (Found it partially blocked by a fallen stick, so now clear, having checked it only the month before)
  • Lifted the previously exposed 8 metres or so of almost completely root clogged drain in TyB cutting  and rodded the remainder. Water is now flowing well but a new pipe will be installed.

For October and indeed November sessions  we need to work up the line (Above Rhiw Goch and separately above Tunnel North) as these area’s have missed our TLC for too long.

The plan is to take a train to assist in both cases.

In the meantime the drains work dates until the end of 2019 are as follows;

October 13th
November 17th
December 15th

Anyone interested in joining the gang please contact Iain Harris at iain.harris1026@gmail.com

Altered gully for Maenofferen Shed
Rebuilt wall in Minffordd Yard