Drains Gang Report

A quick update from last Sunday – The Drains Gang were to be found working above Tunnel North (managing to dodge the rain reasonably well).

The work undertaken included:

  • Delivered our entire stock of new lids to the relevant locations. (but largely from Tunnel North to Tanygrisiau level crossing)
  • Founds a completely destroyed downside section of drain at Tunnel North (Assumed to be a legacy of either the tunnel relay or the portal works). We will replace in due course but it was left flowing as a ditch, but it was left in a serviceable state
  • Rodded the remainder of the downside drain and the cross drain in the tunnel
  • Rodded the large diameter pipe on the upside of Tunnel North which was found partially blocked
  • Rodded from Tunnel North to the former Llyn Ystradau loop site
  • Cleared the cross drain and trap adjacent to the TyB shunt signal on the way back to base.

John Fry again drove for us so my thanks are, again,extended to John for all his assistance on Sunday.

The plan for the 17th November is to work from the north end of Cei Mawr to Plas Halt and in December (15th) from Penrhyn Level Crossing to Rhiw Goch.

For 2020 the provisional dates for working parties are;

Jan 19th
Feb 16th
March 15th
April 19th
May 17th
June 14th
July 12th
Aug 16th
Sept 13th
Oct 18th
Nov 15th
Dec 13th