‘Snowdonia 360’ Launched

The ‘Snowdonia 360’ campaign follows a 360 mile tourist route incorporating every element a visitor may want, to create a unique holiday experience.

A new dynamic website, interactive map and a printed route map complete the main tools under which the campaign is built, providing a streamlined, bespoke and tailored approach during or in advance of a visit to the region.

Emulating the hugely successful North Coast 500 in the Scottish Highlands and other epic touring routes across the world such as Route 66 in the States, Snowdonia 360 will make visiting North West Wales more accessible to an increasingly diverse audience.  The interactive website and social channels include inspirational images and video to promote appreciation by visitors of the spectacular mountain ranges and coastal areas of North West Wales.

The Snowdonia 360 was launched at Nant Gwrtheryn, home of the National Heritage and Welsh Language Centre and a member of Attractions of Snowdonia.  The Snowdonia 360 website is fully bilingual to encourage visitors from within Wales as well as further afield.  Appreciation of Welsh Language and culture will be promoted by introducing Welsh phrases within English content.

Jonathan Williams-Ellis, Chair of Attractions of Snowdonia and Snowdonia 360 explained: “As a group of leading North Wales attractions, we understand the many challenges that we face in attracting new, traditional and returning tourists to the region. Researching and understanding other successful global touring models, we quickly recognised that a circular tourism route, encompassing a full spectrum of sights and facilities adapted to suit visitors’ profiles (according to passion, hobby or pursuit) would be an incredibly attractive proposition. And that is essentially what Snowdonia 360 offers”

A printed full scale route map with an initial print run of 350,000 is currently being distributed across Wales and beyond whilst a fully mobile responsive,  immersive and bilingual (Welsh-English) website is now live, enabling users to work with a platform that suits them best.

Jonathan continued: “We want to draw and retain more visitors to North West Wales, an area that has the potential to offer so much to so many people. We believe that a lack of collective guided information, ideas and inspiration contained within a single framework has detracted many from exploring our region and Snowdonia 360 will  meet this need.”

Attractions of Snowdonia, a consortium of 29 leading North West Wales attractions was established some 30 years ago. All leading attractions are included within the route under Tier 1 memberships whilst accommodation and food outlets will form part of tier two and three associate membership.

Extensive research and development under the campaign has been ongoing during the past two years and has seen the team collaborate and engage with various partners, stakeholders as well as experts within the field.

Jonathan added: “Getting this model right has involved extensive research and development from the outset, particularly in order to identify and address any potential issues. We have met with representatives from the hugely successful North Coast 500 in the highlands of Scotland who have shared useful insights and experiences”. The introduction of the route has had a massive impact on reversing the seasonal economy there, boosting business by 20% to 25% per year, extending the season from 6 to 10 months, and the economy by an additional £10million+ {Source: Tom Campbell CEO NC500 2019}.  Snowdonia 360 is expected to have similar impact in North West Wales, opening opportunities to existing and new businesses and bringing secure long-term employment.

“Recognising and pre-empting any potential areas of risk or concern has formed a critical part of our planning and we have taken careful steps to avoid any single track roads and pinch points for example where additional traffic could disrupt flow and movement whilst disrupting local community living. In contrast, our touring route takes visitors on primary and A roads and deviates away from areas where there have been issues with an overflow of traffic in the past.”

A major concern that has been learnt from the NC500 has been the potential for campervans to park overnight on road sides and in car parks.  The Snowdonia 360 recommends camping and caravan sites on its route and is promoting a code of conduct developed with the Snowdonia Society, the environmental charity that exists to protect, enhance and promote the Snowdonia National Park.

Anyone can access the website and create their own itinerary and are encouraged to share their path, passions, profile and experiences on an open online sharing platform attached to the site. Snowdonia 360 aims to capture the attention and take up of groups ranging from families to couples, single travellers, cyclists, caravan enthusiasts, adventure seekers, food lovers, historical aficionados and more.

Jonathan concluded: “Snowdonia 360 exists to ultimately help deliver unforgettable experiences through a single carefully curated route enhanced by the option of forging your very own path. This is a personal and immersive journey and it will open up the potential of North West Wales as a destination to a vast new and existing audience. We’re incredibly excited to now be able to launch this, working with more tier two and three associate members who sit well within our profile and reflect the landscape, peoples and culture that we are so incredibly passionate about.”

Further information regarding Snowdonia 360 can be found at www.snowdonia360.com