114th Electrical Working Party

Saturday June 9th / Sunday June 10th

Each time we do projects, inevitably there are materials left over, additionally we need a variety of cables, fixings, sockets, cable tray and much more to carry out the inevitable maintenance. As a result we have amassed a large amount of ‘stuff’. Long ago I (Eileen) used to keep an eye on things and, with help, carry out regular stock checks, but unfortunately for a long time this hasn’t been done, although Carole Charlesworth and myself last year did do some sorting of screws, nuts and bolts et cetera.

We have 199 van, the B.L. Switch room, the B.L. container plus 2 more storage areas in Minffordd.  Unfortunately things are now jumbled up which often means that putting our hands on items we need can require a long search. This wastes time on working parties and is frustrating. Additionally when Neil has to order more supplies, he often hasn’t a clue whether we have a particular item in stock.

Sorting out the stores and labelling things will be our first priority on the June working party. There will be general maintenance jobs to carry out as soon as this has been done. Whizz Shrives (major domo of Buildings Stores) is coming to assist/organise us which is a great help, so we should be able to make a massive improvement. Please, if you possibly can, join us. We know that it is not the most popular of activities, but we desperately need a stores sort to ensure the smooth running of our electrical work.

 If you want to join the working party, contact  eileen@eileenclayton.net or phone Eileen or Neil on 01766 770 860 or Snail Mail: The Claytons, Gwyndy, Penrhyndeudraeth,Gwynedd LL48 6RY