Electrical Working Party Weekend, June 2018

If you want to find out what happens on a working party, the best way is to join then and hope that you don’t get in the way!  Bonnie and I arrived on site at Boston Lodge on the 9th June and got caught in the bustle of unloading van 199 (glad to see our painting efforts have stood the test of time) onto worktops and tables – who knew so much stuff could come out of a little van.  It must have the Tardis Syndrome as there wasn’t any space left to set up our labelling machines! To be fair, The Electrical Department doesn’t have a single dedicated space big enough for all their equipment so it is stored in either Boston Lodge switch room, Van 199 and 1766 store at Minffordd Yard.  Even if they had an idea which bit was in which location, without proper identification on the boxes, frustrations arise. Every box and case was checked and counted, oddments found in the wrong place found their rightful homes and out of date pieces were consigned to the rubbish trolley. The van was quickly cleaned out and then the fun began.  Armed with pen and paper we were given copious lists of labels required – with names like cleats, anchors, zebs and shrouds, 24 – 415 mm 15v and upwards etc. I did have to redo a couple of labels when I was vocally asked for ‘cups’ which should have been ‘coups’, short for couplings…. I thought it was for the ‘tea break’ box. Glad someone knew what they were!

Each shelf also required a label as the shelving in 199 is designed to stop everything falling out of the trays  onto the floor but it covered the labels of the trays! No putting things back in the wrong place now!  Gradually, worktops were cleared and everyone was really happy with the results.

Sunday, it was the turn of the switch room. I sat in the den and lists, written on paper and cardboard, came at regular intervals with more requests for labels large and small.   Bonnie and I had a great time and have been invited back to the next working party  to be held 8th and 9th September.

Now, which gang will we do work experience with for our next adventure?