The New Gate at Minffordd Yard

What a lot of interest this has generated The following is a link to the wooden gate in the early 60’s! 

The old gate had been in situ for over 50 years and will be sadly missed by those who realised they could lift it up and open it without the use of a key.  Of course, for those of us who are not built for lifting weights, we then struggled to get the key in the padlock because it was jammed and even if we got it unlocked, the slider was jammed at the back and needed a good kicking to get it to loosen off, we are definitely not sorry to see it go!

Response on Facebook to my innocent comment about the ‘product of my labours’ sparked male outrage at not being individually mentioned in the process.  Ranging from designing to creating, building and putting on the metal work to burying the base of the reclaimed heritage post to make sure it stayed in place!  Just saying – but I did spend many hours from primer to undercoats to top coat and sanding in between layers which is what I was referring to in the first place….  I even had one comment about checking to see if any of the Penrhyn gates had gone missing (I painted 2 of those as well).

Whizz gave the best comment;  “I moved it in the workshop shop – (he must have hidden powers as normally, it took at least 2 to move it and 4 to lift it onto the trestles for painting) !! – Its all team work no “I” in team but regardless a good job and only been dreamt of since 1979 when I first saw the metal gate- not that it then had the extension overlap across the lock post – a result of it being hit by a vehicle and burst the gate over the track. I see the wooden one is the same – hopefully it will last as long- I do recall having gate off and flattening it when it got hit yet again by van failing to stop.

I am sure the red target will make all the difference! A great big well done to everybody and a lovely job”.

Surrounded in the workshops by painted facia boards for Tan y Bwlch and Plas Smart; huge goods shed doors for Minffordd; porch, windows and door for Plas Smart; doors and window for Boston Lodge; a window for the Bothy and the threat of a load of gutters for Tan y Bwlch due to arrive, I will be careful how I report their installations, as and when the time comes!