The Biggest Thank you

A message from the General Manager…

Hello everyone,

Now that the crackle of the airwaves has calmed a little following Hunslet 125 and the week just passed, I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has done their very best to make H125 such a brilliant event that is is truly one to remember. There are so many people that have put so much effort in, that naming them all is nigh on impossible. Perhaps the organizers and those that were kind enough to loan us loco’s and other exhibits deserve special mention though. So many people have done so much whether it is cleaning carriages, making a thousand sandwiches, hammering fences posts and so on.(and on and on).

For me there are two real highlights, first was the wonderful festival atmosphere around the event and the second was the stream of thank-yous that continue to flow from so many quarters. So whilst there is so much that could be said these things sum it up so well. The event has made a lot of people very happy indeed. Goodness knows how many terabytes of images have been created too.

This last week following the event has also been quite something. Our railway has struggled to cope with the incredible heat with Porthmadog hitting the national news as the hottest place in the country several times. This has been very hard indeed for our team. Again a lot of people in every part of the business have put a lot of effort into keeping the show on the road. Our resolve has been seriously tested and quite a number of the team have gone rather more than the extra mile. The company is indebted to you all for this determination and persistence.

Can I therefore simply say a very huge thank you indeed to everyone who has done so much. The summer has only just begun and already we have climbed a mountain.

#bestrailwayintheworld #becauseofthepeoplethatmakeitso

Thank you