New Build in the Carriage Works

Thanks to the work of the engineering workshop at Boston Lodge, the little carriage for the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway is ready for all the comforts of a luxury first class finish to be provided by Glenn and his team. Necessity is the mother of invention as they say and this is the way to keep a section of the roof in place whilst the ‘glue’ sticks…

The coat of Etch Primer is a so-and-so to apply.  Apart from the smell, it is very fast drying with not a lot of time to spread it evenly –  as I found out over the Team X weekend – but like any job, there is a knack to it and I soon found my rhythm.  Bonnie sat well back!

I did want to add a photograph of the seats that Adam and Oli have been busy putting on the 7 coats of varnish, however, they have already been sent off to the Upholsterers!  Watch this space for  further progress photographs!