Caernarfon Poster Painting Competition Winners

The winners have been chosen and the prizes were given out on Saturday.  Quite honestly, I would have had a problem selecting a winner as the quality and quirkiness of the 21 pictures selected by the judges was so diverse.  Why 21? Well, it is the 21st Anniversary for the Welsh Highland Railway this year. The following pictures are of the winners in the order they received their prizes.  Sorry about the quality, but Sarah Hartill was shaking so much with excitement!

Callie Jones, was equally delighted to have been chosen as a winner.

Chris Clark was unable to attend but here is his poster.

The exhibition, showing the rest of the pictures will be open to the public this Saturday and Sunday so if you are in the area, pop in and complete a voting form to make your own choice of winner.  The winner of the vote will also feature as a poster.

There is also an opportunity to meet local artists, Val Lewin and Rebecca Whalley – here is a quick shot of some of their work that is on display.