This is Your Inside Motion – BUT

I really would prefer it, if you, the reader, could contribute to Inside Motion.

We have our society magazines that give you detailed information about what went on since the previous issues but I want IM to be informative about the here and now and what is happening in the near future. I cannot do that without your help.  This could also be how we can generate new interest in volunteering.

Pictures tell their own story of how much you are enjoying your work and offer you a bragging opportunity to show what you have done!

Feedback, what little we have, is mainly positive but I admit freely to struggling to put in something new each week.

There has to be a lot of work happening up and down the line, now that our season has come to a close until Christmas – so – how about you send me pictures of your adventures and tell the world (well our little world) what you are up to, please!

Carol Younger