Black Rock Beach Clean up 2019

The call went out – anyone interested in helping to do a clean up job on the beach, we are meeting 10 am on Sunday 13th January, – So Bonnie and I answered the call!

Anything not beach related was collected
This was lovely to see, young children with parents collecting…
Not everyone joined in, but obviously enjoying the pleasure of walking their dog
But… in just under 2 hours, this is what was collected – anything from plastic tops, to a frying pan, plastic rope to a large builders sack!

Around 30 people turned up and were equally surprised at just how much they could collect in such a short time and more was added after I put the camera away!

The next project is the cob inlet – Anyone interested should meet on Saturday January 19th at 10am at Snowdon Street near the ruined mill. Wellies and waterproofs are advised!