Penrhyn Crossing Incident

A heads up from Paul Lewin our General Manager, on news about an incident that took place that we need to share and learn from

We recently had an incident at Penrhyn Crossing where a heavily loaded unfitted works train ran in to the gates which were closed to the railway. The train came to a halt in the roadway. No one was hurt and the matter was qickly dealt with however it is a reportable incident and ORR have followed it up and issued a safety advice note as a result.

We of course held our own through internal investigation ahead of the communication with RAIB. The result of the investigation is reported to our safety meeting and to our board as part of our standard arrangements.

Learning points from the incident will be shared through our communications channels with loco drivers and at our mutual improvment classes. These include the importance of adhering to local instructions and the imapct that bad weather can have on railhead conditions.