Extracted from the March 2019 Safety Bulletin No 17

by Nick Griffiths, Safety & Development Manager

Competence & Authorisation
Some levels of competence are easily recognised—locomotive driver and fireman, for example. But what about tools and equipment? You may be competent to use an oxy-acetylene torch, but do you know how to change the gas cylinder? It seems a straightforward task, but things can go horribly wrong if done incorrectly.

The same applies to all power tools and machinery.
Action: check the list of qualified and authorised personnel (QAP) for the extent of your competence and authorisation before using a machine or piece of equipment. If you’re not on the list—don’t use it.

It’s forecasting a nice weekend, and you’ve a couple of days off. Why not go and finish off that job for the Infrastructure department, or do some work at Boston Lodge or Dinas with a mate? Stop! Don’t just turn up and start work. The department manager needs to know the scope of what you are planning and when you are attending so that the correct level of site supervision is in place.
Action: contact your manager in advance of your visit to arrange what you are going to do. If you’re part of a working party make sure you’ve signed in with your supervisor.
Lone Working
“While you’re painting that door, I’ll nip down to the buildings workshop and chop saw that timber.” No, don’t. You’d be lone working, using high risk equipment. Take someone with you.
Action: check the lone worker policy, SM POL 021, and for your own safety, make sure you comply with its requirements.

Nick Griffiths — Safety & Development Manager— ngriffiths@ffwhr.com 07919 414884