Welsh Language Learners on FF&WHR

A group of Ff&WHR staff have been attending Welsh classes since January 2018. These have kindly been paid for by the Ff&WHR Trust. We’ve been following the WLPAN course, and are currently about a third of the way through the fairly hefty folder! The tutor has also covered various train- and timetable-related questions, so that we can put our new skills into practice at work.


We seem to be a bit shy when it comes to initiating conversations ‘yn Cymraeg’- this is where you come in! If you see one of us – identified by a purple ‘Dysgu Cymraeg’ badge – then please come and start a conversation. We might be a bit hesitant in our replies to start with, but the more we practice the more the confidence will come. We’re also going to make Wednesdays a day where we aim to only use Welsh.

Our funding currently runs until the end of 2019. We have already had certificates to say we have completed the first stages of the course, and are now looking to sit the Mynediad (Entry) exam in June. ff