Bonnie and the Articulation Corner

This is for odd bits of news that I pick up on my travels with Bonnie starting with a bit of background on her that I think might interest readers who know her well and for those people she has yet to meet

This is Bonnie in her normal position in the workshop, watching the door for intruders but sticking close to me!

You often see photographs of Bonnie making an appearance – the term is photobombing I understand! Bonnie is 9 years old, my Spanish rescue dog that I have had since she was approximately 5 weeks old. She had been left in a cardboard box at the side of a waste bin in Spain.

At 3 months she worked out that she could get on the seat by climbing under the arms at the side!

She is very well behaved, sticks close to me when I am working and is loved by the gangs and teams I have had the pleasure of working with.

Definitely a people dog but very bossy when she meets other dogs. Having once been poked in the eye by a young child, she is like an elephant, she has never forgotten so tends to get behind me when she spots them heading for her! Here are some photographs taken this year. This is one is Bonnie to a T and was taken last Monday, whilst poor Dillan was trying to enjoy his pork pie. Everyone knows not to feed her but it doesn’t stop her trying.

People smile at her in her Hi-VIz jacket
Checking if anyone left any titbits after lunch – our lovely outside dining area

So, onto her news….We popped into the engineering shed and found these from Holy War.

Here it is complete with wheels when it came to Linda and Blanches birthday party last June

As we were doing driver for a fiver, she found a shady spot out of sight of the camera for a change.
Storm Gareth had a bit of fun with this lamppost at Beddgelert!

Now here are three photographs of puzzling locks fitted recently in Harbour Station!

I’m sure there is logic but it defied me. A few folk have complained about getting locked inside rooms….

Swings for Seagulls perhaps?
The New Look Umbrella Tree – trimmed to within an inch of its life!
The new lifeboat at Barmouth – clever trailer so the team don’t get their feet wet launching her!
Friday, Carriage 150 finally gets her name

That is it for today, hope you liked it, more next week – but would love to feature your one off moments captured on camera