Join the Railway Volunteers Day 27th or 28th April 2019

I know I am reaching many people who already volunteer with the railway but do you have any friends or family that might be interested in joining the Festiniog and Welsh Highland Railway Family?

Their day starts at 9 am for a meet and greet, with refreshments in Spooners Cafe at Harbour Station in Porthmadog.

It consists of a talk about the railway and volunteering in general, followed by site visits where a lot of the volunteer activities take place. It is an opportunity to chat to existing volunteers, see the kind of work they do and make the necessary introductions if they see something that you have the skills/expertise/experience in and would like to share them with us.

If you give them the address for Inside Motion, explain they can search the site using the tags system, that they can click on the word Volunteer how it will then show them the diverse opportunities and teams we have currently as volunteers.

Every little helps – skilled volunteers are like gold!