Whilst I enjoy collecting and writing items for Inside Motion, I have often wondered just how many readers I have.

I got quite a surprise today!

I have had people question the value of the Internet and the Railway. Some cynics say it is a waste of time. Well, thanks to Chris Parry, not only do I now know how many people are following Inside Motion, but I also have some interesting statistics about the Company Website, Moving Pictures and Insider on Facebook that may go a long way to appease our cynics. It makes very interesting reading and shows just how valuable the internet has become in promoting the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway.

I won’t bore you with graphs, just a few interesting figures: The first being, I have written 399 articles (includes this one) since the 24th May 2018 when I wrote my first piece about Caernarfon Station. 537 people read it that week – classed as Unique Visitors, not to be confused by people who read it for a second time. Some people obviously found it interesting enough for a repeat visit as the numbers went up to 944.

In the month of December 2018, Inside Motion had 4,011 unique visitors! This gave a total number of 18,026 unique visitors for the 1st 6 + months, with 39,956 repeat visitors!

Looking at the figures for the end of March, was amazing – 6,929 unique visitors in 31 days – so in 10 months the readership increased by 6,392 – all I can say is WOW and thank you, everyone.

Now I am brought down to earth as here are the Company Website Statistics: 1st recorded July 2018, 16,667 unique visitors that month. March 2019, the figures rose to 52,550 in the month, with 146,983 repeat visitors. That is fantastic as it really emphasises how valuable the Internet can be to a company and for us on the Railway.

A million leaflets were printed at one time, but now, we are printing less than 500,000 – so think how many trees we are saving already, thanks to all these extra media options, that are available for the public.

Moving Pictures? Averages about 5,000 views per edition.

Insider, 6,184 views in the last 28 days!

Hope you are still awake, and pleasantly surprised at the results. I suddenly like and appreciate statistics.