Bonnies Articulation Corner

,Meant to put an update on the Gweithdy last week, but the sunshine got in the way! I would much rather be out in the sun – a bit hard for Carol when she is stuck bashing away on a keyboard so we had a day in the sun instead!

We planned to take a new photograph on my way home from Harbour station yesterday, but the heavens had opened so the camera stayed in the case, but, we can report that the red entranceway is now cream! We hope the weather is better as will be going past on Saturday, when we need to be at Boston Lodge to show potential volunteers around the Carriage Works – new people for me to meet and greet!

We were sat outside for lunch yesterday and a large TJ Hughes waggon arrived with a base and wheels.

Looked a bit of a rust heap to us, however, the brakes system is exactly what is needed for the DZ Waggon! The rest will go for scrap!

Whilst this might be a friend of mine, he is not a very good friend of Carol’s as he insists on feeding me with pork pies – albeit small ones! Asking him not to is like talking to a brick wall (he he / woof woof) – so – if you see him tell him he is not to feed me pork pies ever again!

Some mnore new people to meet, French Students arrived to have a look around Boston Lodge. Stephen Paul took them on the grand tour and was grateful for the tutors speaking excellent English! They were certainly impressed with his knowledge and are looking forward to returning to build a waggon!

An interesting bit of graffiti found in the old engine shed!