Local Events this Weekend

The Glaslyn Ospreys – Montgomery Trust -at Pont Creosor are having a special weekend – our marquee is going! 

courtesy of the website

The Pont Croesor site is the home of the Glaslyn Ospreys and their nest is visible from the railway, though, very heavily guarded! Mrs G is very famous as she has been returning every year to the Glaslyn nest since 2004. Already, 2 of the 3 eggs laid this year have hatched and there is live streaming on the website of the young chicks so well worth a visit. https://www.glaslynwildlife.co.uk

Bala Lake Railway Event: Our shop and John’s model and display will be at the Bala model railway exhibition.https://bala-lake-railway.co.uk/

Dinas: There is a wedding at Dinas on Saturday 25th May, so the toilets will be closed to the public. Staff are asked to park right up towards the construction office.