New Stations Open – Caernarfon

Sir Peter Luff, Chair of the National Heritage Lottery Fund, opened the new Caernarfon station on Friday morning.

The day started early with a coach to get everyone to Dinas

Our Guard for the day
The platform was very busy
Plying everyone with Champagne and Orange and Apple juices

Gordon Rushton in the background with camera at the ready!

Volunteer drivers for the FR and WHR – normally suitably sooty, Buildings Heritage Manager James Hamlin on the left, Mark Gardner and Andy Wright from the IT department all dressed up for the occasion!

Sir Peter Luff
Dr David Gwyn

Now I know why photographers carry ladders! The capacity of the hall is excellent and everyone fit inside.

Dr John Prideaux
Our very own, Stephen Greig
Challoner, the only working De Winton, was there to entertain
I think the guy was a bit worried!

A fabulous morning, lots of visitors milling around, murmurs of wonderful, beautiful, stunning were heard. The staff were excellent, especially when looking after everyone at the buffet tables considering there were 170 guests, it went really well. There was plenty to eat and drink and personally, I loved the goats’ cheese tarts!