New Stations Opened – Waunfawr

Rt Hon Lord Dafydd Wigley opened the Waunfawr station in the afternoon.

We have to say a big thank you for Mike Schumann for his generous donation that made this all possible. And… The good news is, he is now President of the FR Company and we look forward to new things happening on the railway during his presidency.

Mike Schumann on the left, is the generous donor who made this building possible.
From the other end
A little bit of heritage to set the stage
Chairman of Gwynedd Council in his chain of office.

The yellow bricks were sourced from a reclamation company in East Anglia – bringing them back to life here at Waunfawr.

Security of the building is managed via Control as our IT department has rigged it so that the doors can be closed remotely, saving having to have someone on the station. We also have security cameras… The windows are individual panes of double glazing to resist vandalism.

Nice fireplace ready for those cold waits for the train…

All in all, a very good afternoon and an honour to be allowed to witness the event.