TV Star in the Making

John Alexander is volunteering in the carriage works this week

He is also our Volunteer expert on all things historic to do with Boston Lodge. Here is what caused the initial excitement

They had uncovered the remains of a wall. John estimated it was part of a wall built about a hundred years ago, to prevent carriages going over and they did get a bit excited at Tremadog Estates at the time, as it was built without permission – sanity reigned and they didn’t make them take it down – they thought it was a good idea!

In the meantime, The TV programme makers “Yesterday” are doing a programme on Heritage Railways – hence the cameras on the cob. The next thing, cameras are rolling as they ask John loads of questions about the history of Boston Lodge. How fortuitous that John had just started work on Monday in the carriage works and the filmmakers found themselves with a source of invaluable information.

We are told the programme will air in about 6 months time.