A Little Job for the Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway

Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway. Opened in 1903 to link the market town of Welshpool to the rural community of Llanfair Caereinion, this 2 foot 6-inch narrow gauge steam railway now provides a tourist attraction in Powys.

We like to help our heritage railways and, as the Welshpool Railway is part of our Cold Turkey annual post-Christmas event, we are more than happy to help them out.

Lee, Choosak, Oli and Glenn washed the carriage down with sugar soap. then proceeded to do some minor touch-ups before varnishing the body.

In the meantime, Lee repainted the roof and the under the end roof with white paint.

The last job was painting the end rails and lower body black whilst the end floors were being varnished.

Another example of the excellent work leaving the carriage works to very satisfied customers.