A Lunchtime Wander around the Yard

With no work for me at Minffordd (lamp posts on a pallet on the floor is beyond me), so I am not getting around and about as much to collect news.

A team busy at work on the Castell…

Lilla was pulled out of the workshops. Paul Lewin reports that the Lilla Working Party will be in action on the 15th & 16th July. They will also be working on a rake of 11 skip waggons of which 8 are now complete after overhaul.

The chaps from the GYP Volunteer team have worked on these for five years now so we have something we can use in place of skip waggons for shunting exercises. They have asked for help to get a second layer of paint on the waggons as most of their time is dedicated to welding and so on.

The waggons will be at BL and if we have spare hands (there are quite a few on-site so we can tackle the painting job. It is the light grey paint on the tipper part that needs doing especially the inside surface where the rain lands.