A New Link to Archive Materials

This “ibase” link takes you to some amazing photographs taken by such well-known people as Alan Pegler and Allen Garraway no less. engines, buildings and people – excellent!

Val Lewin has been working hard at creating and inputting all the information and photographs. It is new and there is still a lot more to go on I am sure, but certainly worth a look.

Lots of useful historic information and other related pictures to check out. You will need to register to create an account but I have to say, when I signed in, the 1st picture that came on my screen was Plas Smart and all the buildings attached to it in very good condition. Never seen by me before. I have been interested in this building since I painted the windows porchway entrance and the old door a coup0le of years ago now, but only had a deteriorated building photo to work from.

Follow the link and you will see the register box.