Kerr Stuart 4415 Progress

It is a while since I reported on Kerr Stuart Progress but as a follower of the Kerr Stuart Facebook page, I thought I would share some of their photographs with you.

Remember this? All packed up and ready to go to Newquay Radiators

Our radiator has been restored by Newquay Radiators, and what a great job it is. The work involved fitting an all-new core, replacing the top tank with one we had that was in better condition, and fettling up the bottom tank and sides. Although we’re a way off needing it yet, having the radiator in stock means, when we do get to that stage, we can install it straight away.

Also back from being sorted out are the band brake shoes, now complete with new friction material. The new material as been bonded and riveted on, to give the heritage appearance. This was been done to replace the unsafe asbestos linings that were on the shoes originally. Thanks go to Nutexa Frictions.

Also available from the Festiniog Railway Heritage Group sales page are badges and reprints of Kerr Stuart’s “Fifteen Shillings Change” book about the benefits of diesel traction, and Allan Bakers excellent book “Kerr Stuart’s Internal Combustion Locomotives”, which features 4415 heavily.

All photographs, except the featured image, are courtesy of Rob Bishop. Anyone wishing to help should contact Rob on