Drains Gang Update

Iain Harris writes: A short note of Sunday’s activities which I hope are of interest. The weather was remarkably good (for any time of the year, never mind January) and the gang of 10 completed a significant amount of work.

In no particular order the work included;

  • Installation of a new drain in TyB cutting (completing a job initially started in August ’19)
  • Altered the cross drain adjacent to TyB shunt signal to hopefully further reduce the blockage risk.
  • Cleared the Boston Lodge Halt drains (Part of the regular work programme)
  • Timber treated 70 plus new lids (so ready to be deployed in Feb)
  • Repaired salvaged lids for re-use
  • Completed the down pipe gully alterations adjacent to Maenofferen shed
  • Altered the cross drain from the Maenofferen shed so the road gully will no longer block the drain.
  • Rodded all the drains serving Maenofferen shed area
  • Cleared the gully adjacent to the Minffordd Yard Mess
  • Completed the new chambers that we built last Summer in Minffordd Yard

For the record (and I suspect it is for the gang) we used nearly 30 litres of wood preservative during the day.

The dates for the drains gang sessions for 2020 are planned as follows;

Feb 16th
March 15th
April 19th
May 17th
June 14th
July 12th
Aug 16th
Sept 13th
Oct 18th
Nov 15th
Dec 13th

Anyone wanting to join the gang should contact Iain Harris at iain.harris1026@gmail.com