Dinas Volunteer Hostel Re-Opening

The volunteer accommodation at Dinas will be reopening for use by railway volunteers as from Friday, 11th September.

There will be some additional restrictions on use as well as an amended booking form which can be downloaded below.

STATION VIEW – Volunteer Accommodation.

Resumption of letting with additional conditions with regard to Covid-19 safety measures.

  1. Station View will be available to volunteers working on the railway from Friday, 11th September.
  2. Only one person or more than one person from the same household may stay there at any one time.
  3. There will be ‘safety gap’ of 72 hours between one booking departing and the next one arriving.
  4. Persons staying at Station View are requested to wipe down all surfaces, with the wipes provided, that they have been in contact with during their stay.
  5. If you show any of the symptoms of Covid-19 or come into close contact with anyone who has Covid-19 in the two weeks prior to your booking you must inform the designated Society director (see below) immediately and cancel your booking.
  6. If you should happen to develop any of the symptoms of Covid-19 or contract Covid-19 in the two weeks following your stay at Station View you must immediately inform the designated Society director.
  7. If you have returned from any country outside the UK in the last two weeks prior to your booking, please inform us which country. Welsh Government regulations regarding Covid-19 precautions can change at short notice.

Designated Society directors to contact if needed:

Elwyn Jones – elwynjos@hotmail.co.uk  – 07840 910460

Dafydd Thomas – dthomas@crhe.uk     – 01248 681019 / 07919 414877

Booking form downloadable here.