FfWHR Staff/Volunteer Survey

As you will know, the FfWHR has received an initial grant from NLHF to develop a project to tell the story of the Ffestiniog & Welsh Highlands Railways.

To support the project, and thereby the FfWHR, you are asked to complete a survey.

The survey asks your views about the project and ways in which is should seek to benefit all the people involved in the organisation.

For the first time, the project at Ffestiniog & Welsh Highlands Railways will share and involve people in the story of the railway. Storytelling will connect thousands of railway visitors with its history and the industry it served. Stories told on trains, platforms and guided tours will help people understand the area’s pioneering spirit and global impact and explain how the industry has shaped the landscape and community over 200 years.

Through building restoration and first-hand experiences, people will have the chance to delve deeper into the railway’s heritage. Workshops, training and volunteering will support people to learn new skills and become immersed in the living, working world of the historic Boston Lodge Works in Porthmadog.

Please complete the survey via this link: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/DB26N35  

Thanks in advance for your participation.