In the middle of a building site is the Carriage Works

With 6 Carriages in the workshops, there is plenty of work to be done, especially, when the entry track has been lifted and they are all marooned inside!

112 almost stripped out ready for action
Glaslyn ready for a complete overhaul inside
No- that isn’t right, needs a bit of alteration at this end!

Carriage 2152 – Gwyrfai is coming along nicely.

Harvey and Michael busy removing windows
from 150 ready for painting
Job satisfaction when you can change dull to shiny!
Stephen Paul, sharing his expertise with Allison and Hannah, working on 2010, They are both enjoying spending winter working in the Carriage Works.

Allison can normally be found in the Service Car on the Welsh Highland – she says, woe betide any staff causing damage to paintwork that she has worked on! Hannah does an excellent job of cleaning our carriages during the busy season but has taken to painting like a duck to water.

Attention to detail – one of Michaels many skills

Garaint enjoys being down but not out!
2040 with new rear ends….

Exceptionally busy time in the carriage works but thankfully, with the winter staff plus volunteers to support Glenn’s staff, lots of work will be completed by the start of the new season!