Megabash 4 – Minffordd Yard

It was all quiet on arrival and was hard put to find anyone until I spotted movement in the Greenhouse and heard a racket.

Opening the gate, on my way in, I spotted this lazy lot!

I found Mary, repotting the geraniums so that as soon as the risk of frost is over they can go out into the boxes around the railway. Repotting gives them the opportunity to have a growth spurt – they were my favourite plants when I lived in Spain!

Plenty to keep her busy and a lovely warm place to be. As reported previously, an ideal place to work when you have reached the stage when your body says, getting down and dirty is not an option anymore but you want to keep busy.

Hearing some hammering I found a demolition derby going on! They were having far too much fun demolishing the old caravan in Minffordd Yard – this iconic eyesore will soon be a dim and distant memory!