Alco Working Party Dates

It has been brought to my attention that now the project has been more widely announced more members of the railway community would like to know when the next working parties are. 

They are as follows for the rest of 2022:

13th and 14th August 

9th and 10th September

15th and 16th October 

12th and 13th November 

10th and 11th December


5th and 8th January – long weekend as I am off work until the 9th

11th and 12th February

4th and 5th March

8th and 9th April 

6th and 7th May 

3rd and 4th June 

Food at lunch and dinner can be arranged if there are enough attendees. 

While taking the Alco apart is a few more working parties away, there are going to be some big moves of items in the shed that need to be done first. There are also other rooms that need to be cleared and made ready for the storage of smaller components.  

This will create more space in the main works for other projects such as the final two skip wagons and any future “modern” wagon restorations.

Patrick Booth.